Welcome to Ladyville Has a New Home!

12 May

Big news, everybody….

Welcome to Ladyville is moving! That’s right, I’m now a .com! The lovely new site was my boyfriend’s idea/vision, and he and a friend of designed it for me. I’m very excited about it, so please change your Google readers, your bookmarks, etc. and check out the new site here!

Lady Inspiration: Rita Wilson

10 May

“I do think you have to scare yourself. That’s where your creativity or your growth comes from. Scaring yourself, challenging yourself, taking those risks, and not caring about what anyone thinks.”
-Rita Wilson on the second episode of The Conversation, which is just as good as the first!

I have a very intense love of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s relationship, by the way. I think that if they ever split up, I would actually be really depressed. They’re America’s Mom and Dad.

What’s Your Sign?

9 May

I wouldn’t say I’m into astrology. I don’t govern my life by it. I don’t check my horoscope every day or even every week. Actually, I don’t ever consciously check it, but if I do find myself reading the newspaper or a website that features horoscopes, I’m always drawn to them. While I don’t place a lot of stock in them, I find horoscopes fascinating. And honestly, although lots of intelligent and logical people dismiss them as silly hocus pocus, I don’t find them any different than lots of other religions or belief systems people may use to govern their lives. Also, it should be clear by now that I don’t care all that much what intelligent or logical people think about any of the crazy things I love (namely, Gwyneth Paltrow).

So while I’m hardly an expert on all things astrological, I have to say that I’ve always really identified with my sign. I’m a Taurus…you know, the bull. Take this description: Stubborn. Determined. “Your need for stability and simplicity can motivate Taurus to create a life for yourself that is quite functional, though it might seem boring to someone else. But Taurus aren’t interested in taking unnecessary risks that can put your solid footing in jeopardy.” Sensation over thought and feeling. Advice-giving. Sensible.

While I’m well aware that we’re all narcissistic enough to manipulate just about anything so that it applies to us, I very strongly identify with that description. I’m extraordinarily stubborn. I’m determined to write even though it, as of yet, hasn’t earned me even one red cent. Stability is extremely important to me…I think about my health insurance way more than I think most healthy people my age do, I generally won’t leave one situation until I have another set up, I feel best when I stick to my early-to-bed-early-to-rise schedule…so yeah, I really do feel like I’m a Taurus.

The biggest Taurus weakness? “Accepting less than you can achieve.” It’s hilarious (except not really!) how accurate that is.

I’m extra into astrology right at the moment, because I read that Tauruses are supposed to have an amazing May. So what if I mostly listen to my horoscope when it it tells me exactly what I want to hear? What about you guys? Are you into astrology? Do you check your horoscope? Girl, what’s your sign? Let me know!

Today on The Conversation!

8 May

I’ve been talking a lot about how much I L-O-V-E The Conversation, Amanda de Cadenet’s fabulous interview show. The Conversation is also a website, full of information about all sorts of lady things…career and finance, love and sex, health and wellness, and basically everything having to do with ladies’ lives. I’m very, very excited that something I wrote is featured on the site! It’s all about how I’m a jealous jerk. Not really. It’s all about how jealousy doesn’t make you a jerk at all. Check it out, and give the rest of the site a looksie, too! It’s all wonderful.

The Ways Your Grandma and I are Similar

7 May

-Both occasionally fall asleep at 8:30 on weekends
-Both enjoy watching the Ken Burns national parks documentary on PBS
-Can both identify the voice of Tom Hanks in the narration of said documentary
-Both like to “take a break” from listening to audiobooks by checking out what’s on NPR
-Both love nothing more than a pair of slipper socks
-Both eat lots of soft foods (oatmeal, smoothies, applesauce)
-Neither enjoys leaving her apartment once it’s dark
-Both occassionally think about DVRing Jeopardy
-Both really emphasize stretching for joint health
-Both talk about retirement funds and social security too much
-Both spend a lot of time researching what foods are good for Alzheimer’s prevention
-Both enjoy stretchy clothing and floral patterns

This Week on Hello Giggles!

6 May

Special post today, you guys…it’s a giveaway!

Just leave a comment on the Hello Giggles post and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Wentworth Hall and a $50 Sephora gift card! You can buy so much fancy mascara with that. I’ve been into a Sephora exactly once in my life and it was a magical experience. I kind of wish I could win this gift card, but I can’t, so take advantage of this opportunity and enter to win!

Lady Show: The Conversation

3 May

I think I might have found my new favorite show. I love nothing more than ladies talkin’ about bein’ ladies (check out my blog title for proof), and that’s exactly what The Conversation is. Host/Photographer/Wife/Mom/Superwoman Amanda de Cadenet interviews women about topics that are actually interesting. She doesn’t ask them about whatever movie they’re working on or fluff like that. Instead, she talks to Jane Fonda about feeling whole without a man, or to Gwyneth Paltrow about postpartum depression, or to Sarah Silverman about the importance of female camaraderie, or to Zoe Saldana about the decision to have children. This is the show for you if you miss Oprah but also you wish Oprah was more down to Earth. Amanda de Cadenet is smart, funny, and delightful, even if she doesn’t hide gifts under her studio audience’s chairs (or have a studio audience).

This show is amazing because, unlike other women’s shows with similar titles (The View, The Talk), it actually focuses on real conversations between women about their lives. Not the “She can do it all, and so can you!” pseudo-inspirational bullshit we’ve come to expect from our magazines and television shows, but actual real lives. It is reassuring for me to realize that Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t have all of her shit together all the time, or that Jane Fonda is still working some things out at 70. That’s real life!

Also you learn that Jane Fonda’s fake knee makes certain sex positions uncomfortable. The more you know!

Watch the first episode of The Conversation here! If you’ve seen it, let me know what you think!

Wednesday Links: Hello Giggles Edition!

2 May

You guys know I write for Hello Giggles, because I talk about it all the damn time. I can’t help it! I love being part of a positive space for women and girls. Also, I love talking about YA books (duh).

There’s a staggering amount of content on Hello Giggles, so you might not know where to start. To simplify things for you, here are some of my favorite posts on Hello Giggles. Check them out and let me know what you think!

-Anne T. Donahue’s Old Lady Movie Night column is one of my favorite things in life, mostly because she talks about all of my faves. Romy and Michelle, You’ve Got Mail, 10 Things I Hate About You…basically the classics of our time.

-I LOVE Carrie Murphy’s Eat of the Moment column! Easy, quick recipes without complicated ingredients. It can’t get any better.

-I wish Meghan O’Keefe and I were friends. That’s how much I love her posts. Specifically this one about The Secret Garden and this one about how she skipped prom to see Star Wars.

-I love all of Julia Gazdag’s articles, especially this one on catcalling. I am always shocked by how many men leave angry comments on articles like this, as if they cannot take it that any conversation in the world might not include their voice. Anyway, Julia Gasdag is great.

-Also great is Erin Long’s column. I am actually amazed each week when she photoshops herself into a picture of Saved By the Bell or Now and Then or whatever.

-Basically I love everything Molly McAleer has ever written.

Lady Tip #6: Go to the Dentist

1 May

Welcome to Ladyville is a safe space, right? A place where we can share our deepest secrets and fears? A place where we can admit that, up until last week, it had been six years since we’d visited a dentist?

Wait, what? Yes. You read that right. I hadn’t visited a dentist for six whole years. Let’s back up and explain, although really there is no explanation.

I had a great childhood, all things considered. But mouth-wise, I had the worst childhood ever. I had Bad Teeth, or, more accurately, a Bad Jaw. I had an underbite until I had it surgically corrected at 18, which is probably something I will talk about in a later post (or for the rest of my life in therapy. Whatever). What this meant was that I spent a lot of time in the dentist’s, orthodontist’s, and oral surgeon’s chairs. Halfway through college, post-braces, I had to cancel my twice yearly dentist appointment for some reason or another. Inexplicably, I never made another one. I just stopped going. In a way, I felt like I’d spent so much time at the dentist already, I didn’t really need to keep going. This, as it turns out, is very poor reasoning.

After college, when I was payin’ my billz myself, I didn’t have health insurance for awhile, so I kept not making an appointment. But then I did get insurance, and I still didn’t go to the dentist. I was scared, you guys! I’d put it off for so long I was worried something might be really wrong. Maybe I had a cavity? My entire childhood, I never had a cavity, which I guess was God’s way of throwing me a bone. Like, “Your mouth has suffered enough. I’m not going to make you deal with cavities, too.” I was convinced that my 6 year dental absence had caused a mouthful of problems.

So, last week, I finally went. I was super scared that the dentist would be like, “Ma’am, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you broke your mouth and I need to remove all of your teeth immediately.” Actually what happened was that the dental hygienist told me, “I wouldn’t recommend most people go this long without visiting the dentist, but you take very good care of your teeth.”

Guys, I am so awesome at brushing and flossing that the dental hygienist complimented me. And I still don’t have cavities, although I have to have some sealants put on to avoid cavities in the future. So don’t be like me and avoid the dentist for 6 years. Take care of your teeth! It’s super important. The dental hygienist told me that regular fluoride treatments prevent gum damage. Don’t mess around with gum damage! Go the the dentist!

Image via TFD

Lady Film: Jane Eyre (2011)

30 Apr

Friday night, H. and I watched Jane Eyre.

Obviously, as a woman with a Creative Writing degree, I enjoy Jane Eyre. That’s, like, a requirement for graduating. I’ve only read it once, in high school, but I have mostly good memories (even though at first I hated it. Too much boarding school; I stand by my opinion). The trailer looks BANANAS, right? Using the Suspiria theme is kind of an emotional shortcut, but it really does get across the weirdness of Jane Eyre.

Before we watched it, I tried to explain to H. that Jane Eyre is a weird book/film. It seems like it’s going to be a semi-normal love story if you don’t know much about it, but it is actually super strange! I also warned him that he would not be able to suspect the weirdest surprise.

H: “Is she really a man?”
Me: “No!”
H: “Is…”

When the surprise twist was revealed, he actually yelled “Whaaaaat?” at the screen, so I guess I was right.

Here’s the thing about this adaptation: It is very, very beautiful. There are so many lovely shots, and everything’s lit by candle/fire light, and it’s all just moody and dark. You know who else is moody and dark? Mr. Rochester, amirite, ladies? Mr. Rochester is basically a huge babe (duh) and Michael Fassbender is in FINE FORM here. He’s angry a lot, he shoots some stuff, and oh man. I feel like I can’t mention Michael Fassbender without mentioning that there were assault charges against him but the charges were dropped. Do with that information what you will.

Looks kinda like Mr. Darcy, is not Mr. Darcy.

I feel like the film assumes you already have a basic knowledge of Jane Eyre, because it skimps out on kind of a lot, story-wise. I mean, there is hardly any boarding school, which is fine by me. But the relationship between Jane and Mr. Rochester isn’t developed much at all. This was no problem for me, since I’m heavily invested in their relationship/problems already, but I think it might seem a little sudden for someone who didn’t know the backstory. H. agreed.

Also when Mr. Rochester has a beard he looks like Joaquin Phoenix:

Conclusion: Do you like Jane Eyre? Do you like slow movies? Do you like weird, high-waisted pants on men? Do you enjoy candlelight? Then this is the movie for you. If you get bored easily and you’ve never read Jane Eyre, maybe not. Also, go read Jane Eyre. What is wrong with you?!