Slightly Shameful

17 Jul

When you watched the Parks and Rec season finale, did you notice that the maintenance man who saw Leslie and Ben canoodling seemed familiar? And did you think he looked like the construction guy, Tom, from Gilmore Girls? The one who spent so much time working on the Dragonfly Inn? And did you forget to check this out until a couple of months later? And did you then find out that you were right, that both characters are played by actor Biff Yeager? And did you then realize that maybe, just maybe, you know just a little bit too much about Gilmore Girls?

It’s surprisingly hard to find information about Mr. Yeager online. I tend to assume that the rest of the world shares my obsessions, but it may just be the case that no one else is watching Gilmore Girls and Parks and Rec so closely. It turns out that Mr. Yeager has been acting steadily since the 70s, and has had plenty of TV parts before and after Gilmore Girls. Hopefully he continues working (and I continue spotting him on television shows, like my own personal Where’s Waldo?) for years to come!

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