Lady Inspiration: Jenny Slate

14 Oct

I was so pissed as a six-year-old that I had a child’s body–not because I wanted to have sex; I just wanted to be a woman. And I love being a woman. I love my bras, I love my tampons–I literally just love being a woman. – Jenny Slate in Bust’s Oct/Nov issue

Sometime soon I’ll have to do a post about how much I love Jenny Slate. I mean, I love her with a crazy, ridiculous passion because she is so cool and so fearless and so funny. But she is so silly, also, because no one loves tampons! No one. Maybe tampon companies, because do you know how much those things cost? Like a million dollars. In the pie chart that is my monthly budget, tampons are taking up a much greater percentage than I would like. I would like for them to take up NO percentage, because I would like for the government to give me them for free. But that’s whole different post. Jenny Slate, yay!

!!!!!!! [BxB] [EPISODE 3.03] !!!!!!! from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

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