Lady Tip #3: Self-Promote, Self-Promote, Self-Promote

20 Mar

This is tough for anyone, but especially for ladies, and even more so for ladies from towns with midwestern sensibilities. Self-promotion is hard because it goes against everything we’ve ever learned. We’re so used to downplaying our accomplishments, to deflecting compliments, to thinking we’re not good enough. If we say, “I’m talented, I made this, and I’m proud of it,” we’re afraid we’ll come off as cocky or pretentious, either of which are basically mortal sins in the small-town mindset. Well, stop thinking that way. You have to. If you don’t think you’re making something great, why should anyone else? We don’t all have a Vera Nabokov, ready to pull our Lolita manuscript out of the fire. We have to be our own Vera Nabokovs.
Sometimes, I feel weird about posting every one of my HelloGiggles posts on facebook, or about linking to my blog posts. I felt uncomfortable starting a Twitter account. But what am I worried about? That someone will think I’m full of myself? Here’s what you and I need to remember: real friends will be happy you’re happy. Anyone that isn’t happy for you isn’t someone you should spend another second of your time on. It’s not like you need to brag, but don’t bury your accomplishments, either. You did it, so be proud of it! No one’s ever going to see that thing you worked so hard on if you don’t make them see it. Start a blog, use facebook or twitter, put it out there are don’t apologize. Make sure people know when you have a sale, a show, or an article coming out. Start a website!
Just get it out there. Believe me, I know it’s hard. And it feels really weird and creepy-crawly. But, as I read on Shutterbean, if you don’t bet on yourself, nobody else will.

Image via designspiration

2 Responses to “Lady Tip #3: Self-Promote, Self-Promote, Self-Promote”

  1. Jordan March 20, 2012 at 8:54 am #

    amen, sister🙂


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