Lady Podcast: The JV Club

4 Apr

You know how sometimes you come across a really cool idea and say to yourself, “This is perfect! Why didn’t I think of this?” And then you’re like, “And also why aren’t I famous enough, talented enough and connected enough to make this happen?” That was how I felt when I found The JV Club, a podcast where Janet Varney interviews lovely ladies about their adolescence. Do you want to hear Christina Hendricks talk about being Goth, or June Diane Raphael talk about Anne of Green Gables, or Gillian Jacobs talk about Mannequin 2? Yes, you do! This is positive, supportive lady talk, and I love it.Check it out!

One Response to “Lady Podcast: The JV Club”


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    […] know I wrote about how much I love the JV Club, but the episode with Gillian Jacobs? Oh, Lordy. I laughed out loud, alone in my car, at her stories […]

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