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Happy Weekend

2 Mar

Fun fact: I think of this R. Kelly song whenever I hear/say/read the word “weekend.” Unrelated: here are some pictures of Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch to inspire you.

Amy Poehler’s look in that last picture is basically how I look from November-April, except less pretty and less talented.
Pictures from this Rachel Dratch tumblr, which is worth a look. Rachel Dratch! We love her, right? Have fun, check back tomorrow for the link to my HelloGiggles post, and enjoy your freakin’ weekend (as R. Kelly would want).


21 Sep

Tomorrow night, we’ll all get to see a new episode of Parks and Recreation, aka the best show on television. I’m so excited to see my husband, Ben Wyatt, on TV again.

This won’t surprise you one bit, but there is no shortage of weird youtube montages about Leslie and Ben. This is not even the cheesiest.

Ugh, remember the time he brought her waffles and homemade chicken soup? Remember Andy and April’s wedding? Remember all the skinny ties? The skinny ties! I can’t wait till tomorrow night.

Lady Inspiration: Leslie Knope

16 Aug

Men enjoy it when a women is better than them at something they love.

I can’t kill the possum, ’cause it might be innocent. I can’t let the possum go, because it might be guilty. Can’t make a good soup, can’t do a handstand in a pool. Can’t spell the word lieutenant. There are a lot of cant’s in my life right now.

Just Giving the People What They Want

15 Aug

Do you know how many searches this blog gets for some combination of the words “Parks and Rec,” “Amy Poehler,” “Leslie Knope,” and “centaur?” People love that centaur picture. Well, unfortunately there’s only one centaur picture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all look at Parks and Rec blogs. There are a lot of Parks and Rec themed tumblrs out there, you guys. Also a lot of Parks and Rec fanfic, but I had the courtesy not to subject you to that. You’re welcome!

Leslie Knope and Co.
Leslie and Ben
Ben Schwartz, Not-So-Secret Celebrity Crush

And my personal favorite:
Ben Wyatt Facial Expressions
It’s a good thing Ben Wyatt is a character and not a person, because otherwise I’d have to leave my boyfriend for him. Like, even if he didn’t know who I was I would still have to be all, “This love is too real!”

Lady Style: Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink

25 Jul

There are many reasons I love Pretty in Pink, but Molly Ringwald’s amazing sense of style is probably the most important.

I can’t not mention The Dress first. Andie is, as the movie tells us often, poor. She can’t afford one of those fancy department store prom dresses, so she ends up with two free dresses, one from her boss/friend Iona, and one that her dad buys on sale because he knows she can “do something with it.” Instead of wearing either of those perfectly serviceable dresses, she cuts them up and pieces them back together into the Frankenstein’s monster of prom dresses. She starts with this:

Becomes inspired by an ill-advised sleeveless turtleneck:

And ends up wearing this monstrosity, a dress that manages to be both the most horrendous and most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen:

I’ve always considered going as Prom Andie for Halloween, but assumed I’d have to wear a red wig (unflattering). Then I found this picture and I realized I can, and should, make all my dreams come true. Have I mentioned I love Amy Poehler?

Andie has great style outside of the prom, of course. She wears a lot of hats:

And some dramatic collars:

And this is a dress she wears on her first date with Blaine:

“Do you want to go home and change?”
“…I already did.”

Andie is the main reason I learned how to sew. There’s a great sewing/getting ready for prom montage in PIP that always makes me want to create something. Like I could ever make a dress this great!

The Funniest Song in the World: The Power of “Hold On”

6 Jul

For ladies of a certain age, “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips is a seminal piece of music. I’m right on the tail end of what I’ll call The Wilson Phillips Movement, but I definitely remember “Hold On” being played when I was a kid and all the girls singing along with it. This song has everything: angelic female harmonies, sassy background vocals, clapping, and some really solid advice.
In case you haven’t listened in awhile, Wilson Phillips implore us to “hold on for one more day and/break free from the chains,” while also posing such pressing questions as “Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?” and “Are you comfortable with the pain?” This isn’t just a song of encouragement and earnest questioning; the Wilsons (and the lone Phillips) also engage in some tough love. “You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness/ you got yourself into your own mess,” Chynna Phillips sagely reminds us. Preach it, Chynna.
It was only a matter of time before the women who loved this song grew up and started writing it into their comedy films. Here are three great “Hold On” scenes that always make me laugh. Okay, one of these movies was actually written by guys, but that’s the great thing about the power of “Hold On.” It transcends gender.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle:

Because I value honesty, I will tell you that I saw this movie twice in theatres. It’s a little lowbrow, sure! It’s also absolutely hilarious half the time, and I don’t even smoke pot. My Celebrity Crush David Krumholtz has a small part, which maybe influenced my opinion.

Spring Breakdown:

I’ve been telling you to watch Spring Breakdown. Why haven’t you watched Spring Breakdown? Amy Poehler. Rachel Dratch. Parker Posey. Amber Tamblyn. Missi Pyle. Jane Lynch. Egg. Millie. A greater lady-comedy dream team was never assembled. I’ve tried to pinpoint my favorite part of this scene, and I can’t. I love Parker Posey’s admonishing finger-wag, and the way Amy Poehler gleefully shouts Carnie Wilon’s “No, baby!” line.


Of course! Hot damn, Chynna, you are looking better than ever. Bridesmaids is my favorite movie of the year so far (obviously), and this was one of the best scenes. Once at a friend’s wedding, my BFF and I dramatically gesture-sang Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On” to each other in a very similar fashion (I meant every word). She’s getting married next year, and while I’m not exactly promising I’ll do the same thing to “Hold On,” it could happen. Like, if I’m drinking, and the song just happens to come on, and okay maybe I’ll request it. We’ll see what happens in a year.

Ladies (and gents!), I hope “Hold On” has been as comforting to you as it has been to me. Strangely enough, I do feel kind of inspired when I hear it, like I’m ready to take control of my life and get rid of negative habits/influences. I can admit that to you because this is a Safe Space. In case you need a flashback, here’s the original video. Chynna sacrificed a lovely couch to make that vest, the least you can do is watch.

Tina Fey on Amy Poehler

4 Jun

“Amy was in the middle of some … nonsense … and she did something vulgar as a joke. I can’t remember what it was exactly, except it was dirty and loud and ‘unladylike.’

Jimmy Fallon, who was arguably the star of the show at the time, turned to her and in a faux-squeamish voice said, ‘Stop that! It’s not cute! I don’t like it.’

Amy dropped what she was doing, went black in the eyes for a second and wheeled around on him. ‘I don’t fucking care if you like it.’ Jimmy was visibly startled. Amy went right back to enjoying her ridiculous bit. (I should make it clear that Jimmy and Amy are very good friends and there was never any real beef between them. Insert penis joke here.)

With that exchange, a comsmic shift took place. Amy made it clear that she wasn’t there to be cute. She wasn’t there to play wives and girlfriends in the boys’ scenes. She was there to do what she wanted to do and she did not fucking care if you liked it.”

-from Bossypants, Tina Fey.

Just some besties, hanging out (with Janeane Garafolo, who is OBVIOUSLY also amazing):

Leslie Knope is The Most Inspiring Woman Ever

4 Jun

Found here.

When You’re Feeling Down…

4 Jun

…just look at this inspiring picture.

Creative Lady Inspiration: Amy Poehler

3 Jun

“The way to do it,” said Poehler, “is to do what men do, which is you just assume power. You’re not grateful for it.”

From Salon.