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Megan Amram is the Greatest

27 Apr

You guys, this video makes me laugh so hard, and then it makes me uncomfortable, and then it makes me laugh again. Happy Friday!

Lady Podcast: Totally Laime

12 Apr

Everybody, I have a new favorite podcast! I mean, in addition to all of my other favorite podcasts. It’s Totally Laime, which at first I just liked. Then that like grew into love, which then grew into this sort of weird thing where I need it to be on when I’m driving. I just love it so much! Totally Laime’s hosts are Elizabeth Laime (get it?) and her husband Psychic Andy. In each episode, they “interview” a comedy guest, wherein “interview” means “talk to them about Oprah.” They have amazing, funny guests (Megan Amram, Aubrey Plaza, Paul F. Tompkins, Marc Maron) and also a dog. Elizabeth went to Miami for a year and sometimes she tells stories about it, which I love. She doesn’t even trash talk it, surprisingly (Miami, as much as I love it, kinda wears its faults on its sleeve). Also, Elizabeth and Andy seem to have a great marriage, which I find encouraging because I read a lot of contemporary fiction, which exists only to make us hate marriage. Totally Laime has a really loosey-goosey format that lets the guests talk about things you probably wouldn’t hear on any other podcast. My favorite episodes so far have been Casey Wilson, June Diane Raphael, and Paul Rust. I have a HUGE comedy crush on Paul Rust (uh, have you heard his music?) and this episode just solidified it.

Another fun thing is that Totally Laime uses Blingees, which I am a BIG fan of. Girl, you don’t even know how much I Blingee’d in college. I miss those days.

In case I haven’t convinced you to give it a listen, you can watch the welcome video. Check it out!

Funny Lady: Megan Amram

30 Jun

I don’t know a lot about Megan Amram, other than her funny McSweeney’s list and the fact that she was on Julie Klausner’s delightful podcast. I feel like this video gets across everything we need to know, namely that she is hilarious.