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In Case You Need A Reminder

9 Mar

We all get a little bit stressed sometimes. Or a lot bit stressed. Or a lot into calorie counting, to the point that we’re starting to wonder if Bethenny Frankel’s method of scooping out the inside of a bagel is not, as we previously thought, the behavior of an obsessive, unhappy person but is instead just a great idea to try out.
So sometimes we all need to be reminded to treat ourselves. One donut will probably not kill you (unless it is a poisoned donut). Also, if anyone would like to come see me at work with a box of cupcakes, I will gladly accept the gift!


21 Sep

Tomorrow night, we’ll all get to see a new episode of Parks and Recreation, aka the best show on television. I’m so excited to see my husband, Ben Wyatt, on TV again.

This won’t surprise you one bit, but there is no shortage of weird youtube montages about Leslie and Ben. This is not even the cheesiest.

Ugh, remember the time he brought her waffles and homemade chicken soup? Remember Andy and April’s wedding? Remember all the skinny ties? The skinny ties! I can’t wait till tomorrow night.

Lady Inspiration: Leslie Knope

16 Aug

Men enjoy it when a women is better than them at something they love.

I can’t kill the possum, ’cause it might be innocent. I can’t let the possum go, because it might be guilty. Can’t make a good soup, can’t do a handstand in a pool. Can’t spell the word lieutenant. There are a lot of cant’s in my life right now.

Just Giving the People What They Want

15 Aug

Do you know how many searches this blog gets for some combination of the words “Parks and Rec,” “Amy Poehler,” “Leslie Knope,” and “centaur?” People love that centaur picture. Well, unfortunately there’s only one centaur picture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all look at Parks and Rec blogs. There are a lot of Parks and Rec themed tumblrs out there, you guys. Also a lot of Parks and Rec fanfic, but I had the courtesy not to subject you to that. You’re welcome!

Leslie Knope and Co.
Leslie and Ben
Ben Schwartz, Not-So-Secret Celebrity Crush

And my personal favorite:
Ben Wyatt Facial Expressions
It’s a good thing Ben Wyatt is a character and not a person, because otherwise I’d have to leave my boyfriend for him. Like, even if he didn’t know who I was I would still have to be all, “This love is too real!”

Slightly Shameful

17 Jul

When you watched the Parks and Rec season finale, did you notice that the maintenance man who saw Leslie and Ben canoodling seemed familiar? And did you think he looked like the construction guy, Tom, from Gilmore Girls? The one who spent so much time working on the Dragonfly Inn? And did you forget to check this out until a couple of months later? And did you then find out that you were right, that both characters are played by actor Biff Yeager? And did you then realize that maybe, just maybe, you know just a little bit too much about Gilmore Girls?

It’s surprisingly hard to find information about Mr. Yeager online. I tend to assume that the rest of the world shares my obsessions, but it may just be the case that no one else is watching Gilmore Girls and Parks and Rec so closely. It turns out that Mr. Yeager has been acting steadily since the 70s, and has had plenty of TV parts before and after Gilmore Girls. Hopefully he continues working (and I continue spotting him on television shows, like my own personal Where’s Waldo?) for years to come!

Not-So-Secret Celebrity Crush: Ben Schwartz

16 Jul

Sometimes when I say I have a crush on someone, that’s not what I mean at all. Usually I just mean that I wish they were my friend. Ben Schwartz seems like he would be the kind of guy who’d be fun to hang out with at an Applebee’s (in my world there are two types of people: those who can hang at an Applebee’s and those who can’t). Or maybe he would watch the E! True Hollywood Story on Wynonna Judd with you. Or go see a band he’s never heard of on a Tuesday night. You get the picture! These are the ideal qualities in a BFF for me, and I’m assigning them to a person I don’t know. This is my life.

Most importantly, Ben Schwartz plays my all-time-favorite Parks and Rec character, Jean-Ralphio.

And of course, then there is THIS:

You all know how I feel about this scene from The Jerk.

Donna, what are you thinkin’, girl? I can’t believe you didn’t want to get with Jean-Ralphio.

If you want more Jean-Ralphio (and don’t we all?), some kind soul made a Best of Jean-Ralphio video. What it do, nephew?

Lady Food: Waffles, Whipped Cream, and Sugar

3 Jul

I try to eat healthy, but watching this video of Leslie Knope and her waffle binges is really getting to me. “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”

If that last scene didn’t make you laugh out loud, then I just don’t trust you. Leslie Knope, you are an inspiration to us all!

Fictional Dream Dude: Ben Wyatt

29 Jun

I have a major crush on Ben Wyatt (aka The Human Disaster) from Parks and Recreation. I used to think that Ron Swanson was my Parks and Rec dream dude, because I have dark hair and I love to make breakfast. Then I realized I’m his dream girl. I mean, he should be so lucky.
I’m not totally sure if I have a crush on Ben Wyatt or if I just want to become a man and dress exactly like him. I’m 99% sure he does all of his shopping at J. Crew. He dresses in fitted versions of “dad clothes,” which FYI is my favorite style of clothing.
Look at this jacket. Just look at it!

And the skinny tie and that checked shirt? Too much! I swear I have daydreams about how much I love this jacket.

Checkered shirt, again.

Do you guys remember this scene? It’s like my heart is melting all over my keyboard whenever I look at it.

I promise I’m not going to turn this into Nerd Boyfriend, although it would probably be better for us all if I did.

Leslie Knope is The Most Inspiring Woman Ever

4 Jun

Found here.

When You’re Feeling Down…

4 Jun

…just look at this inspiring picture.