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Lady Inspiration: Rita Wilson

10 May

“I do think you have to scare yourself. That’s where your creativity or your growth comes from. Scaring yourself, challenging yourself, taking those risks, and not caring about what anyone thinks.”
-Rita Wilson on the second episode of The Conversation, which is just as good as the first!

I have a very intense love of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s relationship, by the way. I think that if they ever split up, I would actually be really depressed. They’re America’s Mom and Dad.

Lady Inspiration: Dolly Parton

28 Mar

My desire to do things & know what’s out there has always been greater than my fear. I was more scared of staying home than of leaving it. – Dolly Parton, who has a Twitter. Of course she does, and of course it’s great.

Lady Inspiration: Maya Angelou

18 Nov

“A woman writer will bring certain gear with her, having been born female, having been born into, maybe, a society where women are not valued very much. But a woman writer tells us that here comes somebody who has decided she’s come to stay.” – Maya Angelou

Donald Glover OR Childish Gambino OR I Don’t Know What to Think Anymore

14 Nov

I’m a warm-blooded human being, so of course I think Donald Glover is attractive. Let’s not kid ourselves.

He’s got a Miranda July level of productivity and creativity. It’s confusing because he’s so talented and so good looking; there is absolutely no reason he needs to be so good at both, because I’m pretty sure he could be successful on either the looks or talent alone. He’s like if Ryan Gosling was also great at stand up. Not fair and also unnecessary. Donald Glover hit it big with his group Derek Comedy’s Youtube videos, then he wrote for 30 Rock, then he quit to do stand up, then came Community, then came Childish Gambino, then came my deep confusion/attraction.

Childish Gambino makes for a complicated listening experience. This is his latest video, which is both great and creepy. It’s got a real An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge thing going on (oh, did you guys forget I majored in English? BOOM) while also dealing with a lot of other things too.

I’ll be honest. It’s hard for me to accept that the guy who raps lyrics like, “This Asian dude, I stole his girl, and now he got that Kogi beef / My dick is like an accent mark, it’s all about the over Es” is also the dude who looks like this:

He’s no Drake (no one is), but he’s close. CG reminds me of Lil Wayne, but with more highbrow references (Sufjan Stevens instead of Shenaynay, not that there is anything at all wrong with Shenaynay). NY Daily News recently published this article about Camp, his new album, which I’m really excited about. I love this quote from him, taken from an interview on a blog called Poop or Chocolate because, sure, that’s a great name.

Lately it’s been like I have a calling. I’ve always felt like the stuff that happened to me when I was a kid happened for a reason. And I’ve always felt like I had something to say and that what I’m doing is important. And I don’t let anything get in the way of that. If I really want to do something I can do it, and I’ve always felt that way. Never wavered from that. Lorne Michaels once said something to me that really stuck, and I’ve never seen it not be true. He said truly talented people are only faithful to their talent. Which might explain why he has people sign contracts for like seven years. Because if you’re really going after something, if you really have a goal, the only thing that’s gonna stop you is you. What I love about Kanye West is his willingness to be like “Fuck it. I’m gonna do it and I’ll deal with it later.” To take that leap. Because people who are real innovators; your Kanyes, your Michael Jordans, your Steve Martins, your Salvador Dalis, your Jim Hensons; nobody’s gonna tell them they’re too anything. Except for them. And since I have this unique perspective of having seen the world from all these opposing viewpoints, and I also happen to be creative, I feel like it’s my responsibility to expose the dichotomies that exist so there can be dialogue and understanding. I feel like that’s my calling. So what do I want? I want everything. Not because I’m greedy, but so I have all the tools to reach as many people as possible.

Lady Inspiration: Kat Dennings

4 Nov

“Quirky is what a guy would call a girl he doesn’t understand.” – Kat Dennings in GQ

Lady Inspiration: Mindy Kaling (again)

17 Oct

“This is going to sound strange, but I’ve always been very inspired by Tyler Perry. I think it’s because the first acting job that ever got me any attention was playing Ben Affleck in Matt & Ben, and Tyler Perry got such a huge following playing his character Madea. I just thought it was so original and so strange and so weird that he made this dynasty off Madea as his launching pad. Obviously, Larry David and Tina Fey are other people whose careers I really admire, but Tyler Perry is the one whom I feel the most affinity for.” – Mindy Kaling, from Bust Magazine, again. You guys, have you bought this yet?

Lady Inspiration: Jenny Slate

14 Oct

I was so pissed as a six-year-old that I had a child’s body–not because I wanted to have sex; I just wanted to be a woman. And I love being a woman. I love my bras, I love my tampons–I literally just love being a woman. – Jenny Slate in Bust’s Oct/Nov issue

Sometime soon I’ll have to do a post about how much I love Jenny Slate. I mean, I love her with a crazy, ridiculous passion because she is so cool and so fearless and so funny. But she is so silly, also, because no one loves tampons! No one. Maybe tampon companies, because do you know how much those things cost? Like a million dollars. In the pie chart that is my monthly budget, tampons are taking up a much greater percentage than I would like. I would like for them to take up NO percentage, because I would like for the government to give me them for free. But that’s whole different post. Jenny Slate, yay!

!!!!!!! [BxB] [EPISODE 3.03] !!!!!!! from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Lady Inspiration: Mindy Kaling

12 Oct

I have heard different people whom I care about on the show say, “You’re actually a great writer!” You know, I’ve been on the show since the very beginning and I was in a ton of episodes. There’s no reason you would have to say “actually,” except for the fact that I’m a woman and it’s a surprise that I would be great. It’s not like I got to the show last year. I’m a veteran on The Office, and I sometimes wonder when I will just be considered a great writer. – Mindy Kaling

Everyone, go get this month’s Bust! Mindy Kaling is on the cover and there’s an article on Jenny Slate. Also, Bust always has articles on crafts and food, and there is nothing that makes me happier than being able to read about funny ladies, crafts, and food in the same magazine. Long live Bust.

Lady Inspiration: Beyonce

11 Oct

As a child I trained myself to dance in very high heels. At 13, in Destiny’s Child, we were told to wear heels, but at first we couldn’t walk in them. We couldn’t keep our knees straight. But we learned, and that became the image of Destiny’s Child: so young and so glamorous. Now I have a rule that my dancers have to wear their heels when I’m wearing my heels. They say, ‘Please take your shoes off, Beyoncé.’ At home, I’m always barefoot. And I have a heavy walk without heels. When they hear me thumping through the house, they say, ‘Oh, Beyonce’s up!’ – Beyonce in W Magazine

I consider myself a lady, but I can’t walk in heels. Just can’t. Dorothy Michaels looked better in heels than I do. Maybe all I needed was a Svengali-like father-manager to force me to wear uncomfortable shoes when I was a child.

Also, how much do you like to think of Beyonce’s “heavy walk”? I can’t stop thinking about Bey stomping around the house and it’s making me so happy.

Lady Inspiration: bell hooks

10 Oct

Think of all the women you know who will not allow themselves to be seen without makeup. I often wonder how they feel about themselves at night when they are climbing into bed with intimate partners. Are they overwhelmed with secret shame that someone sees them as they really are? Or do they sleep with rage that who they really are can be celebrated or cared for only in secret? – bell hooks

While I find this thought interesting, I definitely don’t agree with it. I wear a lot of makeup every single day, and I’ve never felt that it is a way of hiding who I am. On the contrary: makeup makes me feel more authentically me. For me, it’s the same with dressing up, even when I’m just staying home. It’s a way of saying, “Yes, this moment is worth celebrating. This life is worth putting effort into.”

Also my eyelashes are very short and if $5 and 20 seconds every day can change that, then what a fool I would be to not take that opportunity.

I don’t know. Maybe someday I’ll wake up and think, “Oh, God, did I really waste all that time smiling at myself in the mirror so I could apply stage-appropriate levels of blush to the apples of my cheeks?” But I doubt it.