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Lady Style: Diana Ross

11 Jul

While my previous style icons were ladies (and Princes) I’ve admired for years, I am just starting to get in to Diana Ross. I’m discovering what this guy already knew: Diana Ross has always had fabulous hair, makeup, and style.

This photo looks like it was taken yesterday. I want to try this look with my hair.

The different hairstyles in these pictures suggest that she wore this rhinestone bodysuit on more than one occasion. Rhinestone bodysuits, as Cher would gladly tell you, and the height of glamour! Don’t relegate them to “wedding dress status” and only wear them once.

While I believe that all ladies are beautiful in their own way and that any of us can look glamorous with the right hair and makeup, you have to be born with some seriously bananas bone structure to look this glam in a tshirt and jeans.

The eyelashes!

I can’t even wrap my head around what’s going on here.

The more I look at this, the more I think I need to buy some false eyelashes.

This is Diana Ross doing the whole, “Oh, hello. I didn’t see you come in!” thing.

Finally, here’s the ultimate Diana Ross picture to go out on. She just caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and can’t believe how great she looks.

Lady Style: Jenny Lewis

4 Jul

Today’s Lady Style Icon is both more recent and more conventional than my previous picks. Jenny Lewis is probably one of the most lovely ladies in the world, and it’s kind of a cliche for bang-sporting girls to admire her. I can’t help it!
Jenny Lewis wears lots of (short) dresses, (short) shorts, and rompers, which makes me hate her a little bit. I kind of hate anyone that has long, beautiful legs. My BFF has long legs, and I hate her a little bit, too. Me? I’ve got a long torso and (very) short, muscular legs. I spend a lot of time being jealous of ladies who can wear rompers. JL makes them look so good!

Red and navy is my favorite color combo to wear, but I can’t pull off denim short-shorts like these:

Now here’s a Loretta-Lynn-esque dress I would wear in a heartbeat:

I love wearing yellow almost as much as I love grocery stores. Once again, it’s super short, but she works it.

I like to imagine this is what I look like when I throw on a t-shirt and a jacket. What I actually look like is a little boy.

Also, hats. I hate it when people can pull off hats!

Red dress, milkshake, what’s not to love?

Of course, Jenny Lewis is a lot more than a pretty face/dress. She’s also in one of my long-time favorite bands, Rilo Kiley, as well as a solo singer and one-half of Jenny and Johnny. Their song Big Wave spent a lot of time on my iPod last fall, and it’s still one of my favorite songs. Check out the sexy/creepy video here, and be sure to note that Jenny Lewis also manages to pull of animal prints. What can’t she do??

Lady Style: Stevie Nicks

27 Jun

Like previous Lady Style icon Prince, Stevie Nicks has a clearly defined look all her own. “You look like Stevie Nicks,” is cultural shorthand for “You’re wearing something drapey, lacey, or vaguely Ren Faire-y.”

Where can I find these sunglasses/that jewelry?

White dress, flowing sleeves, weird zip-up proto-Uggs, totally blown-out hair, pet cockatiel: only Stevie could tie all this together in one outfit.

Obviously the best fashion accessory is a tambourine.

Or a feathered beret.

Crochet is pretty big in Stevie’s wardrobe. Fun fact: did you know crochet, unlike knitting, cannot be done on a machine? That means every atrociously ugly crocheted top on sale at Forever 21 for $9.00 was painstakingly hooked by hand! But back to this shawl: delightful.

Lady Jams: Robyn

21 Jun

Listen, you guys, I know I’m late to the strangely-coiffed party, but I am really into Robyn right now. I don’t know if I like her music better, or if I like her dancing better, or if the two are just inextricably intertwined into the gloriously mysterious enigma that is Robyn. Probably the latter. This jam’s my favorite, but all her songs are fantastic.

So many things to love about this. First off, did you think Robyn just made up this dance on the fly, like I did? No, she had a choreographer. I know. Secondly, I love how Robyn sounds genuinely confused about why her dancing hasn’t convinced this guy to get with her. I don’t get it either, girl!
I told Alex and Chase I’m going to learn all of these dance moves and bust them out whenever I can (specifically the sequence from 1:26-1:48). Don’t even tell me I can’t.
Thanks for doing whatchu do, girl.

Further reading: this interview with Robyn, where she talks about Prince. Also, she says this:

BN: Can you describe your look in three words or less?

R: No.

Style Inspiration: Prince

13 Jun

You might say Prince isn’t a lady, and you would be right. He’s still one of my number one style inspirations. Most importantly, he discovered his “Power Color” and then he ran with it. He owns purple. He’s not afraid to wear things that might be considered “feminine,” like ruffles or half-shirts. He knows how to accentuate the positive (his small waist). And don’t even get me started on all of his great hairdos.

Style Inspiration: Carly Simon

6 Jun

Every Monday, I plan to share fashion inspiration from some of my favorite stylish ladies. Please note that my definitions of the words “fashion” and “stylish” (also, sometimes “ladies”) are probably different than yours. I do most of my shopping at a thrift store and I get most of my compliments from old ladies. When I was a kid, my mom often told me my clothes didn’t match. Sometimes she still does. I like to look at this as a strength, not a weakness. Like, I am just a unique dresser, not a candidate for What Not to Wear. Anyway, enjoy these pictures of Carly Simon, one of my favorite human beings.


Style Inspiration: Dolly and Cher

31 May

Let’s imagine you just asked me a question: “If you could look like any woman in the world, who would it be?”
My answer would be: “A cross between young Dolly Parton and Moonstruck-era Cher.”
If you said something like, “Um, that’s two people. Or not a person. Either way it didn’t answer my question,” then I would know we couldn’t be friends.
I think about Dolly Parton and Cher CONSTANTLY. I wish I had Cher’s height, her shiny hair, her bold, ethnic features. I also wish I had Dolly’s dream combo of petiteness and bustiness (I’m hoping 26 will be the year my breasts come in. Fingers crossed!). When I look at Dolly, my mind automatically starts thinking of classy, old lady words to describes boobs. Like “bosoms.” Or “chest.” At some point in the future, I’ll detail my love of these ladies, but for now…Dolly and Cher
For now I’m just glad this picture exists.